Suzanne from Oklahoma writes:

   This book was amazing! I took my time reading it and reflecting on what it was saying. The author brought to life the story of Joshua but not only that she has a way of explaining and digging deeper into the whole picture - the way she writes allows you to almost picture it and be there seeing it develop as it happens. The life lessons that she brings out are simple yet profound! This book would be a great study for small groups or for your own personal study/ growth. I would highly recommend this book and encourage you to read, reflect and learn. Take that Selah Moment - stop, look, listen !      

Marie from Phoenix writes:

   What an amazing message!  Easy to understand, yet profound in it's simplicity.  The author writes in such a way you feel like you are right there besides Joshua experiencing his story in such an incredible way.  The life lessons  are packed full  of truths that are truly life changing.  This could be taught as a series, in a small group setting or even in your own personal study time.  I highly recommend this book and encourage you to do what the author suggests...take a Selah Moment: stop, look and listen!